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The Consequences of a Washington State Commercial Driverís License Traffic Ticket
A commercial driverís license (CDL) is directly related to your livelihood. For this reason, it is important to deal with any Washington CDL traffic ticket as quickly as possible. Even one WA traffic ticket can impact your insurance rates for years to come, and considering your job is on the line, it makes sense to fight to have your ticket dismissed or reduced.

Whether you were cited with an over weight violation, speeding, or any other traffic infraction, it makes good sense to protect your livelihood and retain a WA traffic ticket attorney.


As a commercially licensed driver you obviously have a lot of experience travelling the highways. When a business wants their product shipped they hire a professional like you. When you need to fight for your legal rights, retaining a professional Washington State traffic lawyer is your best option. While many think they can fight a ticket successfully on their own, this is far from the truth.
How a Washington CDL Traffic Ticket Lawyer Can Help You
When you hire one of our Washington State traffic ticket attorneys, they will handle every aspect of your case from start to finish. This means you can keep working, and focus on yourself, your job, and your family while we do all of the legwork needed to investigate the important details of your case. If we can find procedural errors in paperwork filed with the State by the citing Officer, we can have your case dismissed. If not, then we seek to build a defense that keeps the infraction off of your driving record, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in increased insurance premiums.
Our team of legal professionals works from multiple offices all over Western Washington, and with decades of experience they know what to look for in CDL ticket cases. We operate under the assumption that every ticket, no matter how great or small, can be successfully defended. We accomplish this for hundreds of hard-working people every year, ensuring that their legal rights are being protected.
We will act as your personal advocate with the Courts, and see that you being treated fairly in accordance with Washington traffic ticket law. We are aggressive trial attorneys who will fight to have your WA commercial driverís license traffic ticket dismissed.
We offer a free case evaluation where we can discuss your options, answer your questions, and work together to create an aggressive defense strategy.
Contact us today to protect your driving record, your livelihood, and your future.















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