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Fighting Your Washington Failure to Yield to Emergency Vehicles Ticket
A Washington State failure to yield to emergency vehicles ticket is an expensive affair. The infraction is one of the most costly in the entire state, and people sometimes are cited with this infraction under questionable circumstances. The frequency with which this WA traffic ticket is issued has increased dramatically over the last couple of years. One can only speculate as to why, but a fine of over $1,000 for the infraction certainly doesn’t hurt the government’s financial problems.
This statute requires motorists to move to the right as close as possible to the curb and stop when there is an emergency vehicle



approaching with its lights and siren on trying to pass – i.e. a police vehicle, a fire truck, or an ambulance. Actually, police cars do not even need their lights on, only their siren is required under the statute.
The problem that has been occurring more frequently is when Officers issue this ticket under other circumstances. Many Officers on freeways observe on the left shoulder and then pull motorists onto the left side. Sometimes people will start pulling over to the right shoulder and the officer will specifically signal for the motorist to use the left. Unfortunately, some Officers are now sitting in the left shoulder and then pull people over, but if the people pull off to the left side without being instructed to, the officer will also issue the failure to yield ticket along with the original infraction.
The additional $1,000 fine, along with the points against one’s license, doesn’t sit well with most motorists. Whether you receive this ticket under the intended circumstances, or fall victim to this new tactic, it is extremely important that you contact a Washington State traffic lawyer attorney to fight it on your behalf.

There is no good reason to acquiesce to the State’s case when you were trying to do the right thing. When you consider the costs of the original WA traffic ticket, combined with the prospect of higher insurance premiums, it makes sense to fight for what you know is right.
Fortunately, you need not simply pay the ticket, thinking that there is no way you can fight the State’s case. Our Washington traffic ticket attorneys will aggressively fight to have your ticket dismissed. We successfully defend hundreds of cases every year in Western Washington and with decades of experience in Washington traffic law, we can help you through every step of the process.
Protecting Your Driving Record with a Washington Traffic Ticket Attorney
It is important to remember that the law is in place to protect you. If you’ve been issued a WA traffic ticket then you are obviously wondering if you can beat it. While there are never any guarantees, our Washington State traffic ticket lawyers go into every case believing that it can be defended. In cases of Washington failure to yield to emergency vehicles tickets, it is quite possible that you did nothing that warranted a ticket.
A Washington State traffic ticket lawyer will review you case and help you determine if fighting the ticket is in your best interests. This is accomplished through a free case evaluation where we answer your questions, and outline the path ahead in detail. An aggressive defense is only built through communication, and we will work with you to uncover the details so that we can fight to have your ticket dismissed.
Did the ticketing Officer fill out the ticket correctly? Was it filed according to Washington traffic ticket law guidelines? These questions must be asked. And if the answer is no then your ticket will be dismissed outright.
Giving up is not an acceptable solution when you consider that most tickets are defensible, and it is always in your best interests to explore your options. Our free case evaluation makes it possible for you to make an informed decision about your Washington ticket, with no risk and no cost.
Our efficient, updated process makes it possible for us to handle your case from start to finish. From filing the necessary paperwork to handling the legwork, we fight for your rights so you can go about your daily life confident that a professional is working as your personal advocate.
Call today for your free evaluation and one of our experienced Washington traffic ticket lawyers will fight to have your failure to yield to an emergency vehicle ticket dismissed or reduced.









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