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Understanding Your Following Too Close Washington Ticket

If you’ve been cited for following too close you are most likely wondering if this type of Washington State Traffic ticket can be defended against. Understanding the law when it comes to this variety of WA traffic ticket is essential, as there is often confusion surrounding the nature of such an infraction.
This Washington State statute governing following too close requires drivers to not follow another vehicle at a distance closer than what is “reasonable and prudent.” Other factors are taken into consideration, such as the speed of vehicles, the traffic, and the condition of the road. The distance that Washington State


traffic ticket law considers reasonable and prudent will obviously vary depending on the circumstances. You can leave a small distance between cars on a dry road in the middle of the day while traveling at slow speeds. On the other hand, you should leave a lot of space if you are driving on icy roads with poor visibility.
The vast majority of these Washington State traffic tickets are issued in cases involving a rear-end collision. The presumption is that if you rear-ended someone, presumably you were following them too close and could not stop in time. Other Washington following too close tickets are issued when people are tailgating – typically, on the freeway.
Essentially, following too close is a subjective WA State traffic ticket where the officer makes a determination that you were following a vehicle in front of you at a distance which was unsafe, and did not give you sufficient space to stop safely. The citing officer is supposed to consider the speeds, the distances, and the conditions of the road when issuing this type of Washington ticket.
Building an aggressive defense for a following too close ticket involves an in-depth understanding of the nature of this subjective law. Our Washington State traffic ticket attorneys defend hundreds of clients every year, giving us the experience needed to discover the particulars behind each and every following too close case.
What a Washington Traffic Ticket Lawyer Can Do For You
Because the nature of a flowing too close ticket case is subjective, our WA traffic ticket attorneys will first look into the nature of the infraction. We believe that a defense can be built against any Washington traffic ticket. While beating a ticket is never easy, our Washington State traffic ticket lawyers build every case with the notion that can find a way to get the infraction dismissed. If a dismissal is not possible, we then focus on keeping the infraction off your permanent driving record.
Our clients are often surprised that beating a ticket is even possible. While there are no guarantees, we use our experience in Washington traffic ticket law to examine every aspect of the case. We have decades of combined experience all over defending our clients and protecting their legal rights. With offices all over Western Washington we are poised to act as your personal advocate, and handle your following too close ticket from start to finish.
We offer a free evaluation of your case where we can find out the details surrounding your citation, and answer any questions you might have. If you choose to retain one of our Washington traffic ticket lawyers they will immediately begin their investigation. Every case is unique, but there are many reasons a Washington State traffic ticket can be beaten. Bottom line: we know what to look for.
With every citation that is written, certain procedural requirements must be met. We will find out if your Washington following too close ticket was filed properly, and in accordance with state guidelines. These technical considerations are often a key element toward building an aggressive defense, and can lead to your ticket being dismissed outright.
In most cases, insurance companies will look at a following too close ticket as proof that you were responsible for any accident that might have occurred. This means higher insurance premiums for most, and some people can even be denied coverage after such an accident. We understand that accidents can happen to everyone, and the law exists to protect your rights. Sometimes even the best, most responsible drivers fall victim to forces beyond their control – things like road conditions, or even a moment of distraction.
Our Washington traffic ticket attorneys will aggressively fight for your rights, to ensure that your side of the story is told. Call today or fill out our online questionnaire, and we can arrange a free consultation that will answer many of your questions, and get you a head-start on a defense based on knowledge and experience.









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