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Details Concerning Your Washington State Stop Sign Traffic Ticket
It is important to understand the law when it comes to your Washington stop sign traffic ticket. There is often much confusion regarding this particular type of WA traffic ticket, so if you hope to beat it is essential to know the facts.
Officers often like to sit just off of a stop sign intersection and observe vehicles traveling by. They are not only looking for people who blow through the stop sign but also people who did not come to a full and complete stop. Rolling stops, aka “California stops” do not fly in Washington State. Washington stop sign traffic law states that you must come to a complete stop.



However, the law does not say you must stop at the stop sign. Instead, just like with red lights, you must first stop at the “stop line” which is the big white bar painted at some intersections. If there is not a stop line, then you must stop at the edge of the crosswalk furthest away from the intersection, so as not to block the path of pedestrians. If there is not a stop line or a painted cross walk, then you must stop at the point nearest the intersection roadway where you have a view of approaching traffic on the intersecting roadway.
So if you drove past the stop line but then came to a complete stop and the sign, you could possibly get a Washington ticket. Furthermore, once you stop, you must yield the right-of-way to any vehicle in the intersection or approaching on another road so closely as to constitute an immediate hazard.
The bottom line is - simply because you stop doesn’t mean you can then dart into traffic.
A Washington red light traffic ticket might not seem like a big deal, but the reality is that a conviction will most often result in expensive fines, higher insurance rates, and if you have points against your driving record could lead to a license suspension.
For these reasons it makes sense to consider fighting your ticket. Our Washington traffic ticket attorneys defend hundreds of tickets issued all over Western Washington every year. A qualified WA traffic ticket lawyer will work to have the ticket dismissed and keep it off of your driving record.

A Washington State Traffic Ticket Attorney Will Defend Your Legal Rights
Many people think it’s easier to simply pay their Washington stop sign traffic ticket and forget the whole thing ever happened. Others attempt to fight the ticket themselves, with little to no experience with Washington traffic ticket law or the Courts. However, retaining a Washington State traffic lawyer can save you money in the long run.
We offer a free case evaluation that takes the risk out of making a decision. We can outline the particulars of your traffic infraction case and answer all of your questions, leaving you free to make an informed judgment about how you would like to proceed with your case.
If you choose to hire a Washington traffic lawyer from one of our offices, they will handle every detail of your case no matter how small. Our experienced legal team has decades of experience handling complicated Washington traffic laws. They know where to look in most cases to find technical omissions made by the citing Officer or the Courts that could lead to a dismissal of your ticket. The procedural rules that govern the ticketing process are just as rigid as traffic laws, and mistakes are more common than one might think.
No matter what, our Washington red light traffic ticket lawyers will fight to have your ticket reduced and keep it off of your driving record. Insurance is already expensive and we understand that for many, keeping those rates from going up even further is a favorable outcome.
Contact us today for your free case evaluation. You can call one of our offices or simply fill out our online form. The Courts set timetables for filling paperwork that cannot be late, so don’t waste any time. Call us as soon as possible and put us to work so you can go about your daily life knowing an aggressive Washington traffic ticket attorney is defending your rights.









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