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The Facts Behind a Washington State HOV Infraction

This infraction is commonly known as a carpool violation. If you receive a Washington traffic ticket for an HOV violation it means you were driving in the carpool lane with fewer passengers than is legally allowed. The statute regarding this type of Washington ticket is relatively straightforward. A HOV lane restricts vehicles with too few occupants from driving in it. Most carpool lanes require only two people, but occasionally three are required. Additionally, some carpool lanes are only are only considered as such at certain times of the day. The goal of the carpool lane is to speed up traffic and hopefully, create an incentive for people to carpool.



The carpool lane can never be used as a passing lane. It does not matter if a person was in the lane for only a few seconds. If sole occupant vehicles could use the HOV lane as a passing lane, then it would get bogged down and would defeat the entire purpose of it. Getting caught breaking the rules regarding the carpool lane will almost always result in a WA traffic ticket.
In many cases, this is a difficult ticket to beat. The Officer only need say that you were in the carpool lane, and you were the only person in the car. This is why it is important to have a Washington State traffic ticket attorney fight your ticket, because they have the experience to find a flaw in it.
Few people have experience with Washington traffic ticket court. For this reason, presenting a convincing argument to the judge almost always results in failure. Your chances of beating the ticket are dramatically increased when you retain a qualified Washington traffic ticket lawyer.
What Our Washington HOV Infraction Ticket Attorneys Can Do for You
Sometimes, receiving a Washington HOV ticket can seem unfair. Different rules govern different roadways, and at certain times during the day a carpool lane might be usable and at other times restricted. Honest drivers, with perfect driving records, make mistakes all the time. If you’ve been cited for a WA traffic ticket for driving in the carpool lane, it makes sense to explore all of your alternatives.
Our Washington traffic ticket attorneys believe every infraction is defensible, and we will aggressively fight to have your ticket dismissed or reduced.
Out of state drivers are often taken by surprise when they get cited for driving in the carpool lane, as different sets of rules govern different states. If you live in another state, a Washington State traffic ticket lawyer from one of our Western Washington offices can represent you in court. This makes it possible for you to fight your ticket, protect your driving record, and guard against the risk of higher insurance premiums.
We handle every Washington traffic ticket case from start to finish for all of our clients. In most cases there is nothing more you need do, as we will make sure all of your paperwork is filed and address the Courts on your behalf. With decades of experience as aggressive trial lawyers, we will put our knowledge of the courts to work for you.
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