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What a Washington State Unsafe Lane Change Ticket Means to You

There are several subsections for this statute that apply to different scenarios, which could result in being issued a Washington traffic ticket. However, the most common situation is an unsafe lane change. The requirements under this statute state that the car must be driven as “nearly as practicable” entirely within a single lane and cannot be moved from the lane until the driver determines it is safe.
If you make a lane change and sideswipe a car in the next lane, then the movement was not safe and you will likely receive a WA traffic ticket for unsafe lane change. Likewise, if you drift out of your lane accidently and hit another car then you were not driving as nearly as



Even if you did not cause an accident you could get a WA traffic ticket for unsafe lane change. If you make a lane change and cut off another car in the process, then the movement was not safe. If you are swerving in and out of your lane for no valid reason, then you were not driving within your lane as nearly as practicable.
These types of Washington State traffic tickets are especially difficult to contest because there are very few technical arguments to be made. All an Officer has to do is describe what happened. Unlike a speeding ticket, there is no mechanical device that a Washington traffic ticket attorney can second guess. It is simply the visual observations of an officer. The result is a he-said she-said type of situation with the Officer, which is always difficult. This is why it’s important to hire an experienced Washington State traffic ticket lawyer; because they will give you the best chance to find a reason for a dismissal.
A Washington Traffic Ticket Lawyer Can Defend Your Driving Record
Obviously, receiving any WA traffic ticket can end up costing you plenty in the long run. Higher insurance premiums alone can turn an ordinary ticket into a real financial burden for years to come.
If you were involved in a car accident, getting a Washington unsafe lane change infraction can seem like having insult added to injury. Our Washington State traffic ticket attorneys enter into every case with the resolve that it can be defended. We defend hundreds of cases every year, from one of our many offices in Western Washington. With decades of experience with Washington traffic ticket law, we understand the steps that are necessary if you are attempting to beat a ticket.
There are procedural rules that govern traffic infractions, and we know what questions to ask. Was the ticket filed properly? Was it written in accordance with Washington ticket guidelines? These technicalities must be adhered to by the ticketing Officer, and if they are not then your ticket will be dismissed immediately.
If a dismissal is not possible then we seek to keep the infraction off of your driving record. This means your insurance rates will remain low, and is obviously a very desirable outcome.
We offer a free case evaluation where we can outline what our Washington unsafe lane change ticket lawyers can do for you, and answer any questions you have. If you choose to retain one of our experienced lawyers we will handle every aspect of your case, so you can rest easy knowing that your rights are being protected.
We can defend your unsafe lane change ticket. Contact us for your free consultation. We are experienced Washington traffic ticket attorneys who will fight to have your ticket dismissed.









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