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Hiring an Experienced Washington Traffic Ticket Attorney Makes Sense
No matter what variety of Washington traffic ticket you’ve been issued, it makes sense to hire one of our experienced attorneys. The short and long-term repercussions that result from being cited with a Washington ticket can be costly, and in some cases can cause real hardship. Traffic infractions can result in hefty fines, and cause your car insurance rates to skyrocket. A traffic crime can lead to jail time, license suspension, and lifelong ramifications that can affect your entire family.
Protecting your legal rights is vital. Our Washington State traffic ticket lawyers are experienced and aggressive trial lawyers who


will fight for your rights. We are successful at getting hundreds of Washington tickets dismissed or reduced every year for people just like you.
Many of our clients have been issued Washington speeding tickets, and many are surprised to find out that creating a defense is possible. There are numerous factors involved in every Washington State speeding ticket case, and we have the experience examining those details to see where errors might have occurred. Our understanding and experience with Washington speeding ticket law makes us ideal advocates for your legal rights. With so much at stake, it makes sense to do everything in your power to ensure your rights are being protected.
What Our Washington State Traffic Ticket Lawyers Can Do For You
With decades of combined experience, our Washington traffic ticket attorneys know how to act aggressively to build a defense on your behalf. Our primary goal will be to have your WA traffic ticket dismissed outright; however, this is not always possible. Ultimately, we work to prevent your traffic infraction from appearing on your driving record, thus keeping your insurance premiums low.
A Washington State traffic ticket attorney will also handle your case from start to finish. Why fight traffic on your way to the courthouse when you can, instead, focus on your daily life while we do all the legwork, file papers with the courts, and otherwise act on your behalf? In most cases, when one of our WA traffic ticket lawyers takes your case, you never need do another thing. If any issues arise, we simply call you and address it then. This means that you can rest easy, knowing that you are not missing any important court-mandated deadlines that could lead to increased fines or your license being suspended.
If you’ve been cited with multiple Washington speeding tickets within a 12 month period, it is essential that you have representation to avoid a probation period or license suspension. A suspension of your license in these cases means you will be required to carry high risk (SR-22) insurance for three years. This type of insurance does not come cheap, and any license suspension will affect every aspect of your life.
We offer a cost-free consultation that will answer your most pressing questions. Our Washington State traffic ticket attorneys are poised to act on your behalf, and ensure that are being legally represented. Our Washington traffic ticket attorneys are aggressive and experienced lawyers who will fight to have your ticket dismissed or reduced. Contact us today for peace of mind.















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