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The Facts About Washington State Negligent Driving Ė First Degree
A common misconception concerning Washington negligent driving cases revolves around the fact that many believe that it is little more than an ordinary traffic infraction. In truth, WA first degree negligent driving is a misdemeanor traffic crime with a maximum penalty of 90 days in jail and a $1,000 fine. If you have been charged with Washington State negligent driving Ė first degree, it is vital that you take the charge seriously. The long term ramifications of being convicted include the possibility of higher insurance premiums and a criminal record.



Our Washington negligent driving attorneys are experienced professionals that defend hundreds of traffic infractions and traffic crimes every year. We will work aggressively to attack the prosecutorís case against you, and do everything legally possible to have your Washington negligent driving charge dismissed or reduced.
Washington negligent driving law states that persons who operate a vehicle in a way that endangers another person or their property, AND exhibit signs of having consumed alcohol or drugs, can be charged with negligent driving. This means that you can have a few sips of beer before getting behind the wheel of your car, and still be charged with serious crime. The end result is that you can be charged with WA negligent driving even if you are not intoxicated or impaired in any way.
The state will attempt to prove that you consumed alcohol or drugs, and were driving in some way that endangered others or their property. It is essential that you put an experienced Washington State negligent driving lawyer between you and the state. Obviously, a first degree negligent driving charge can be subjective. We will investigate the details of your case, including the police report and any other pertinent records.
Our Washington State Negligent Driving Attorneys Can Help
The complicated nature of Washington negligent driving laws often makes them hard to understand. We offer a free evaluation designed to answer your most important questions, and outline what our Washington negligent driving lawyers can do for you. With no risk to you, you will be free to ascertain whether you would like us to represent you, and act as an advocate for your character.
With offices throughout Western Washington, and decades of experience handling cases involving Washington tickets of every sort, we are confident that we can defend you and your rights. We work hard to get every ticket dismissed outright, and when that isnít possible we assertively fight to have the charge reduced and kept off of your driving record.
One of the greatest benefits to hiring a Washington traffic ticket lawyer from our office is that we handle all of the details so you donít have to. It is important to file paperwork on time, and do the necessary legwork to keep your negligent driving charge from becoming something more serious. Contact us by phone or fill out our online form and find out what our aggressive team of experienced legal professionals can do for you.









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