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The Facts About Washington State No Insurance Infractions

Everyone driving a vehicle in Washington must have liability insurance. The intent is to make sure that if you are struck by another vehicle, and it is their fault, they can pay for the damage which they caused.
To create a large incentive to purchase insurance, the fine for a Washington no insurance infraction is $550. Thankfully, if you were insured at the time of being pulled over but just forgot to have your insurance card in the car, you can get the Washington traffic ticket dismissed. Simply show the court your proof that your vehicle and driver were insured at the time of the stop. The Washington ticket



will then be dismissed, with a statute required $25 administrative fee.
Often, a person cited for a WA State no insurance infraction will also receive a ticket for the offense that initially led to being stopped by an Officer. In cases such as this it is essential that an experienced Washington traffic attorney represent your interests in court. Often, it is possible to have a Washington State no insurance ticket dismissed or reduced.
There are various legitimate reasons that a person might lack valid insurance at the time of a traffic stop. Sometimes a person simply forgets to pay their bill. If you were not covered by insurance at the time of the stop, most judges are willing to reduce the penalty amount if you can show proof that you obtained insurance in a timely manner afterwards.
Obviously, it’s important to discuss your particular situation with a Washington State traffic lawyer as soon as possible. Understanding the complex laws governing a no insurance ticket is vital when attempting to have the charge dismissed or reduced. Pleading guilty automatically results in a license suspension, so exploring all of your alternatives makes good sense.
Working With a Washington State Traffic Ticket Lawyer
Many people are unaware that Washington No Insurance laws apply to any car that a person drives, not just their own. This can result in a person being cited for the infraction who otherwise has a stellar driving record. Everyone is capable of making an honest mistake, and it is no reason to risk higher insurance premiums or even a license suspension.
Fortunately, our Washington traffic lawyers approach every case aggressively, and we believe that every situation is defensible. We will fight to beat the ticket outright, looking into the details to find out if there a way to have the ticket dismissed. If not, then we will attempt to have the charges lowered and keep the infraction off of your driving record. Not every Washington no insurance ticket can be defended, but there are often ways to prevent a license suspension. No matter what your situation may be, we will fight to obtain the best resolution possible.
Our WA traffic ticket attorneys successfully defend hundreds of traffic cases every year. We are assertive trial lawyers with offices all over Western Washington. With decades of professional experience, we know the law and how to protect your rights.
We offer a free case evaluation. All you need do is contact us by phone or utilize our simple online form. After your consultation you are free to decide how best you would like to proceed, with no pressure from us. If you choose representation from one of our Washington traffic ticket lawyers, they will work with you every step of the way, so your case can be resolved.









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