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Understanding Your Washington Too Fast for Conditions Traffic Ticket
Most people clearly understand the nature of Washington speeding ticket. If you are travelling even one mile per hour over the legally posted speed limit, you are speeding. A lesser known Washington State speeding ticket is called, “Too Fast for Conditions,” and this variety of WA speeding ticket is different than your typical speeding infraction.
With a normal Washington speeding ticket, there is usually some kind of means used to gauge a person’s speed. This is often accomplished with a laser speed measuring device and it calculates how much faster than the posted speed limit a person was travelling.


However, there are times when the posted speed limit is considered unsafe. This is often the case when the roadway is congested with snow, rain, ice, or even heavy traffic. These conditions dictate that a driver should slow down, even if the posted speed limit says otherwise. It is in these circumstances where driving “too fast for conditions” applies.
Washington State traffic tickets are most often issued by police officers when there is an accident, especially when it is weather related. Officers rarely see an accident unfold, but they will make many assumptions after the fact, while trying to piece together the nature of the accident. If it was a one car accident, the Officer will almost always say the person must have been traveling too fast for conditions. Even if you were actually going 5 mph on the snow and then slid out, the officer will still cite you for a Washington “too fast for conditions” traffic ticket because, in his opinion, the “safe speed” was probably not to drive at all.
It is extremely important to hire a Washington traffic ticket attorney for these types of tickets to fight against an Officer’s unfounded assumptions concerning events he did not witness first hand. Our Washington speeding ticket lawyers defend hundreds of speeding cases every year, including many that involve a Too Fast for Conditions infraction.
Considering the fact that people cited for driving too fast for conditions were already in an accident, receiving such a Washington ticket is like adding insult to injury. Accidents are named as such because they are, by nature, accidental. While in some cases persons may have actually been driving too fast for the road conditions, most often it was simply a case of bad luck.
If you’ve been cited for driving too fast for conditions then it is vital that you consider retaining one of our Washington traffic ticket attorneys. We will aggressively defend your legal rights if you’ve been cited with a Washington too fast for conditions infraction.

Building a Defense Against Your WA Traffic Ticket
When you consider the fact that a Washington State too fast for conditions ticket will cause you to incur fines, and most likely cause your insurance rates to go up, it makes sense to consider all of your alternatives. We offer a free case evaluation where we can go over the details involving your Washington state traffic ticket case, so as to determine the best course of action in building a strong defense.
Obviously, cases involving a too fast for conditions infraction are often subjective. A Washington State speeding ticket attorney will work to uncover all of the details surrounding your case, searching for overlooked technical details, and even procedural mistakes. No two Washington ticket cases are the same, and this means that time is of the essence. Building an aggressive legal defense to a WA speeding ticket citation takes a great deal of legwork - filing paperwork with the court, and dissecting the key elements of the case.
Our team of Washington State traffic ticket lawyers have offices all over Western Washington, and with decades of combined experience, we understand that the law is there to protect YOU. We defend the rights of honest, hard working people, just like you, every single day. We believe that a defense can be built for every single Washington State speeding ticket, including driving too fast for conditions.
Our Washington speeding ticket attorneys are aggressive trial lawyers who will fight to get your ticket dismissed or reduced. Our experience speaks for itself, as we fight hundreds of Washington State traffic tickets every year. Call today, or fill out our online form, for your own free case evaluation.









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