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Understanding Washington State Negligent Driving 2nd Degree
A Washington negligent driving 2nd degree infraction is the most serious “ticket” you can get. A step higher becomes a criminal case. It is extremely important to fight these types of tickets, as the repercussions can have a detrimental effect on your driving record and cause your insurance rates to skyrocket. Many try to represent themselves when faced with this infraction, but seldom are they successful. WA negligent driving 2nd degree cases are never simple, and only a Washington negligent driving attorney can make sure your rights are being protected.


There are two types of Washington negligent driving – First and second degree. Second Degree is the worst Washington State traffic infraction you can get, while first degree is a criminal case. You would be charged with negligent driving first degree if there was also an allegation of alcohol usage. A “Neg 2” is more similar to a Reckless Driving charge, which is also criminal.
There is no specific criterion that makes a ticket into a WA negligent driving second degree, as opposed to another type of infraction or a reckless driving charge. It is based solely on the Officer’s subjective opinion. The Officer has to decide you endangered people or property and your behavior was negligent. Our Washington State negligent driving lawyers have seen many fact patterns with reckless driving cases where it seemed as though a Neg 2 would be more appropriate. We have also seen several Neg 2 cases where we thought the client was very lucky to not have been charged with Reckless Driving.
The bottom line is Negligent driving in the second degree is when a person drives in a manner that is dangerous, and goes above and beyond a regular ticket. For example, you are speeding, tail gaiting a vehicle, and making numerous abrupt lane changes – the officer could either cite you for speeding, following too closely, and illegal lane changes, or he could simply decide to charge you with negligent driving.
Considering the serious of the infraction, it is important that a qualified Washington negligent driving attorney represent your interests with the Courts. With decades of experience dealing with Washington negligent driving cases, our team of legal professionals are poised to do everything legally possible to have your infraction dismissed or reduced.

Take Advantage of Our Free Evaluation to Discuss Your Case
With offices all over Western Washington, there is no reason to delay in taking charge of your situation. We offer a free evaluation of every case, and our Washington State negligent driving attorneys will work to answer your questions and help you determine your legal options. We believe every case is defensible, and we successfully defend hundreds of people every year who face the ramifications of a second degree negligent driving infraction.
Building an aggressive defense requires quick and decisive action on your part. Attacking the State’s case requires a great deal of investigation and legwork, so we can independently uncover the facts surrounding your case. We will handle all of the paperwork, and look at any pertinent documents to see if errors were made. We will physically inspect the scene of the alleged infraction, if need be, so you can rest assured that someone is working diligently as an advocate for your character.
Our WA negligent driving attorneys understand what’s at stake, and we are assertive trial lawyers who will fight to get your ticket dismissed or reduced. Call today for your free case evaluation, and make sure your rights are being properly protected.









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