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How a Washington State Over Weight Traffic Ticket Affects Your CDL License

A Washington over weight traffic ticket can have serious consequences. The type of Washington ticket can result in substantial fines, increased insurance premiums, and could even affect your CDL license and your job.
This WA traffic ticket applies to CDL drivers. All commercial drivers should be aware of the weight limits on their vehicle. This will depend on the number of axles the truck has, the distances between the axles, and also the types of tires used.
Some jurisdictions will issue a Washington over weight traffic ticket to the company that owns


the truck, but the majority will cite the driver. Unfortunately, this means the driver can get cited for a ticket well over $1,000! The consequences involved with this kind of ticket makes it vital that you consider retaining a Washington traffic ticket attorney with the experience needed to defend your driving record.
As a commercial driver, it is important to know the law and try to protect yourself. Be aware of how your truck is loaded. Additionally, it would be in your best interest to take pictures of how the Officer is weighing your truck. Often what happens out on the road (e.g. weighing on a slope) does not match what was written in the Officer’s report.
Inconsistencies in the citing Officer’s report can lead to an outright dismissal of your infraction, and save you a lot of money and a great deal of hassle. Even the most conscientious commercial driver can make a simple mistake, and there is no reason an oversight should cause you such dire ramifications.

Fortunately, our Washington State traffic ticket attorneys successfully defend hundreds of traffic tickets every year, for regular motorists and commercial drivers alike. We believe every Washington State traffic ticket can be defended, and our decades of experience means we understand the laws and statues governing every type of traffic infraction.
A Washington Traffic Ticket Lawyer Can Protect Your Rights
In cases of an over weight commercial vehicle, the driver is sent a notice in the mail that they committed a violation. It is of extreme importance that the CDL holder respond to this letter before the time limit expires. In cases involving a Washington over weight traffic ticket the commercial driver has 60 days to respond. Either they can pay the ticket, or they can request an administrative hearing to plead their case.
If you plan on fighting your ticket, a Washington State traffic ticket lawyer from our office can handle all of the details. We will file the paperwork for your administrative hearing and represent you in court, as personal advocates for your character. We streamline the process for you by developing a legal defense and doing all the legwork along the way. This means that you can go about your daily life, not miss any work, and know that a competent professional is handling every detail, from start to finish. You will not even be required to appear in court when you choose to retain one of our WA traffic ticket lawyers.
We have law offices all over Western Washington, and we believe that every ticket can be defended. Our attorneys will aggressively fight for your rights, and defend your CDL license and driving record. We examine every aspect of the case so that we can find technical details that will get your ticket dismissed, fines eliminated or reduced, and keep your future insurance rates low.
We offer a free case evaluation where we can discuss the details regarding your Washington over weight traffic ticket, and answer any of your questions. Our fees are affordable, especially when compared to what an over weight ticket will end up costing you in the long run.
If you are a commercial driver who has been cited with a Washington State over weight traffic ticket it is important that you contact us as soon as possible. We will fight to protect your rights, and aggressively defend your driving record.









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