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The Facts About Your Washington State Hit and Run Criminal Charge

A Washington State hit and run criminal charge can lead to very severe consequences. You should take the charge seriously, as the prosecutor and the courts are sure to do so. A conviction for a Washington hit and run criminal charge can result in jail time, expensive fines, a mandatory license suspension, requirements to pay restitution, and lengthy probation periods. This doesn’t even take into account the heavy toll it can take on your life, your family, and even your employment.
Generally speaking, a Washington State hit and run criminal charge is the result of a person causing damage to someone else’s property or to another person, and then leaving the scene
of the accident before attempting to contact the police or the property owner. A Washington hit and run charge can be a felony or a misdemeanor, depending on a variety of factors.



If you plan to fight the charge it is vital to retain the services of a Washington hit and run attorney who will fight aggressively for your legal rights. You are undoubtedly anxious to find out about the short and long-term outcomes. Perhaps you are wondering if you will go to jail. You might even be angry if you are innocent of the charges against you, as cases of mistaken identity are common. The first step our WA hit and run lawyers will take in your case is to find out all of pertinent details. We will make sure that your side of the story is told, and your legal rights are being represented.
A Washington State Hit and Run Attorney Can Help You
We successfully defend hundreds of traffic-related cases every year. Our Washington State hit and run lawyers have decades of legal experience defending people all over Western Washington. We believe that every case can be defended, and we will work diligently to have your WA negligent driving criminal charged dismissed or reduced.
All Washington hit and run cases are unique, so it is imperative that you contact us immediately to set up a free consultation. Our Washington hit and run lawyers can answer your most pressing questions, and clearly outline how we could build a defense for your individual case.
We understand that Washington hit and run law is unforgiving, and that this is probably a very difficult time for you. There are often good reasons why a person failed to stop after an accident. While ignorance of the law is not a legal defense, mistakes can be made by the most responsible people. It happens every day to family-oriented people all over Washington.
Our Washington State hit and run attorneys will make sure you get to tell your side of the story. We will defend you, and your character.
With decades of experience, and offices all over Western Washington, our team of Washington hit and run lawyers will ensure that you are being treated fairly by the Courts. Contact us today for your free case evaluation, and get the peace of mind that comes with knowing an aggressive Washington hit and run attorney is fighting for your future.











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