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Seattle Traffic Attorneys are Ready to Fight for Your Rights
Fighting a Washington traffic ticket requires experience in dealing with the Courts. Still, considering the alternatives, challenging your Seattle traffic ticket makes sense. Whether youíve been issued a WA speeding ticket, or been cited for any other variety of infraction, you face high fines and the prospect of higher insurance premiums for years to come.
Our Seattle traffic ticket attorneys will aggressively fight your ticket and work to have it dismissed or reduced. We have decades of combined experience serving Seattle residents and making sure their rights are being protected. Our Seattle traffic ticket lawyers have successfully resolved HUNDREDS of people just like you, and we enter into every case with the resolve that we can establish a defense.
We work hard on every Seattle traffic ticket case to examine the details of the infraction, making sure that procedure was followed by the citing Officer. If technical errors exist we can have your case dismissed outright. Otherwise,


our attorneys use their experience with Washington State traffic ticket law to uncover other details that constitute a legal defense.
Many people attempt to defend their WA traffic ticket without seeking professional assistance. Seldom are these efforts productive because they fail to understand that the Courts will only acknowledge a legally based defense. Dealing with the Courts is also often a hassle. We charge an inexpensive, one-time flat-rate fee that takes the burden off of you and puts it on us. You can go about your everyday life knowing that a professional Seattle traffic ticket lawyer is handling your case from start to finish.
Our Seattle Traffic Ticket Attorneys Offer a Free Case Evaluation
You may want a little more information before you decide if you want to challenge your Washington State speeding ticket, or traffic ticket. This is a wise choice, and you can get most of your questions answered by utilizing our free case evaluation service. This is a no-risk way for you make an educated decision regarding your situation.
Time is often sensitive when dealing with Seattle ticket cases, as the State imposes deadlines for filing with the Courts if you are planning a defense. This means that it is vital you contact us as soon as possible so that we have the time needed to build an aggressive defense strategy.
Our Seattle traffic ticket lawyers can also defend you if youíve been charged with a more serious traffic crime, such as driving with a suspended license or a DUI. We handle these cases with the sensitivity they require and will do everything in our power to keep you out of jail and have the charges reduced to a lesser infraction.
Our Washington State traffic ticket lawyer will also defend the rights of intermediate license drivers. This relatively new type of driverís license is issued to minors between 16 and 18 years of age. Even one Washington ticket can adversely affect an intermediate license carrier, and we will fight to mitigate the penalties and keep the driver licensed.
Contact one of our Seattle traffic ticket lawyers today. We are aggressive Washington trial attorneys who will fight to have your ticket dismissed or reduced.
















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