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Information Needed for Challenging a Washington State Illegal Turn Ticket
Washington State traffic ticket laws are governed by State statutes. Failing to abide by the rules outlined in these statutes are what results in being issued a Washington ticket. As for a Washington illegal turn traffic ticket, there are multiple subsections in this statute that apply to a variety of different situations.

The most common scenario that results in a Washington State illegal turn ticket is when someone makes a turn from the wrong lane. For example when you intend to take a right turn, you must approach the intersection in the right lane and then make it into the lane closest to the curb. If you intend to take a left turn, you



must approach the intersection in the left lane and then turn into the furthest left legally available lane.
Obviously, the intent of this statute is to prevent individuals from cutting each other off while making turns. Some right lanes can continue straight so it would be dangerous to take a right turn from the middle lane across a lane that is traveling straight. If you’re caught doing so you will most likely receive a WA traffic ticket for an illegal turn.
It is also important that you turn into the proper lane otherwise you could potentially create conflicts with vehicles that intended to turn left from the opposite direction that were turning into the far left lane.
It is always important to check the signs and street markings regarding turns because they may create exceptions that permit multiple lanes to make turns in the same direction – e.g. the far right lane must turn right, and the middle lane can turn right or go straight.
At times, there is confusion about lane change laws that causes a person to be cited for any of these infractions. Driving is often stressful, and good drivers make mistakes every day. Perhaps you have always maintained a perfect driving record, only to have a moment’s indecision result in a Washington illegal turn traffic ticket.
While lack of intent is not a legal defense, there is no reason why you should simply pay the ticket and face higher insurance rates for years to come. Fortunately, our Washington traffic ticket attorneys believe every ticket is defensible, and we can help you fight to keep your driving record clean.

What a Washington State Traffic Ticket Lawyer Can Do For You
If you plan on fighting your ticket, knowledge of Washington traffic laws and statutes are essential. Simply stating your side of the story to a Judge is seldom successful, as they are only interested in the law, and not a he-said, she-said scenario between you and the ticketing Officer. Building an aggressive legal defense requires the knowledge of an experience Washington State traffic ticket attorney, who will act as your personal advocate with the Courts.
The regulations that govern how tickets are written and processed are just as stringent as the laws that control the roads and highways. A ticketing Officer must write the ticket correctly, making sure to cite the proper statute for any particular traffic infraction. Mistakes are frequently made, and this is just the type of error that a WA traffic attorney will utilize to have your ticket dismissed.
Requirements are also in effect that dictate how and when paperwork must be filed with the courts, and this is just another aspect of your case that our Washington traffic ticket lawyers will investigate. These legal technicalities are a key component to any defense, and with decades of experience we are ready to put this legal knowledge to work for you.
By offering a free case evaluation, we seek to help you understand your Washington illegal turn traffic ticket and outline how a defense can be built. We are aggressive trial attorneys serving Western Washington, and we successfully defend hundreds of traffic infraction cases every year. If you choose us to represent you we will handle your case from start to finish, and there is seldom anything more you need do.
Contact us today for your free case evaluation. We will fight to have your ticket dismissed or reduced, and will help you understand how a Washington traffic ticket lawyer can help defend your driving record.










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