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Olympia Traffic Attorneys Can Help You Fight Your Washington Ticket
If you are reading this, chances are you would like to fight your Washington State traffic ticket. Perhaps you feel like the circumstances didnít require being cited for an infraction. Maybe you are trying to protect the driving record of someone in your family, like a teenager with an intermediate license. Regardless, you are concerned about the fines associated with your WA traffic ticket, higher insurance premiums, and if you have points against your driving record, maybe even a suspended license.
Our Olympia traffic lawyers successfully resolve hundreds of traffic infraction cases every year, including Washington speeding tickets. Decades of combined legal experienced means we understand that Washington State traffic laws were designed to protect you and your rights. We bring that experience to every case, and believe that every Olympia traffic ticket case can be defended.


Many times we are able to uncover technical aspects of a case that will lead to a quick dismissal. Was the ticket written properly? Were the correct statutes cited by the Officer? Were all pertinent documents filed with the Courts according to State regulations for Washington traffic tickets? By working to answer these questions we have found success having tickets dismissed.
If we canít find any technical errors, our Washington traffic ticket lawyers will fight to have the ticket reduced and keep the points off of your driving record. Building a legal defense isnít easy, and itís nearly impossible if you have no formal education or experience with the law. A qualified Washington State traffic ticket attorney knows the law, knows the Courts, and works as your personal advocate, placing a barrier between you and the State.
How a Free Consultation Can Get You on Track
There is wisdom in knowing the road ahead before you begin to travel its length. Understanding your rights is paramount toward making a decision as to whether you should fight your WA traffic ticket. A free case evaluation with one of our Washington State traffic ticket lawyers will help you reach a decision by answering your questions and laying out your options.
Should you decide to retain one of our Olympia traffic attorneys, they will immediately begin working to file the required paperwork and doing the legwork necessary to ensure you have an aggressive defense strategy. In most cases, there is nothing more you are required to do. When the matter is settled we will call you and get you up to speed on the results. Our flat-rate fee structure and streamlines process makes it possible for you to go about your life, and let us do the work of attempting to keep your driving record clean.
If you have been charged with a DUI, driving with a suspended license, or other traffic crime, then it is very important you contact us immediately so that you can avoid the serious consequences associated with it. There are mandatory penalties for traffic crimes that could include a license suspension or even jail time. Obviously, it is important to deal with these issues quickly, and with help from a qualified Washington traffic attorney.
Contact us today for a risk-free assessment of your Washington ticket. Our Olympia traffic attorneys will fight to have your ticket dismissed or reduced.















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