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Defining the Laws Pertaining to a Washington State Red Light Traffic Ticket

Everyone driving should know that red means stop. However, not everyone knows where to stop according to the law. Confusion regarding Washington red light laws often result in a person being issued a ticket.
The law pertaining to red lights is that same as that of Stop signs. If there is a “stop line,” which is the big white bar sometimes painted at intersections, then you must stop there. If there is not a stop line, then you must stop at the edge of the crosswalk furthest away from the intersection, so as not to block the path of pedestrians. If there is not a stop line or a painted cross walk, then you must stop at the



point nearest the intersection roadway, where you have a view of approaching traffic on the intersecting roadway.
It is legal to take a right turn on a red light, presuming there are no signs forbidding it. You must yield to intersecting traffic when making the right turn. They have the right of way.
Additionally, it is extremely important you also come to a complete stop as described above before doing the turn (no California rolling stops.) The majority of red light camera WA traffic tickets are from individuals who did not come to a complete stop prior to making a right turn on red. A normal Washington State red light ticket which has been issued by an Officer in person will go on your driving record, but a camera ticket will not. A camera ticket doesn’t take into account who was driving the vehicle, so it is essentially treated like a parking ticket.
One thing is certain; a Washington traffic ticket for running a red light will result in fines, points against your driving record, and a high likelihood that your insurance rates will climb. For these reasons, it makes sense to talk to a Washington State traffic ticket attorney with experience handling cases involving a red light infraction.
A Washington Red Light Traffic Ticket Lawyer Will Defend Your Rights
If you want to fight your WA red light ticket then you should contact us as soon as possible. Deadlines are imposed by the Courts, and missing these deadlines could end up resulting in a suspended license. Every Washington ticket should be taken seriously, and while many people simply pay their tickets, others are surprised to learn that almost every traffic ticket is defensible.
Our Washington traffic ticket lawyers have decades of experience, serving the Western Washington area. When we handle your case, we handle every detail. Our streamlined process means that you seldom have to take any other action after you retain us to act as your personal advocate. We successfully defend HUNDREDS of cases every year, and this keeps all of our attorneys up to date on the most current Washington traffic ticket laws.
When you contact us for a free case evaluation, we will ascertain how we can best help you. Afterwards, we will dive into the particulars of your WA traffic ticket case, and do everything legally allowed to get your ticket dismissed and keep it off of your driving record.
Our Washington State traffic ticket lawyers can also defend you if you were issued a ticket after being caught on a traffic camera. For some, this is preferable to paying a ticket in cases where they feel like they were ticketed unfairly - For example, when someone else was driving their car at the time of the alleged infraction.
We review all of the records in your case, from how the ticket was written to whether it was filed properly with the Courts. If any technical errors were made we will expose them, and we will have your ticket dismissed outright.
Contact us today to find out how a Washington red light traffic ticket lawyer can help you, and protect your rights.









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