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Understanding a Washington State Wheels Off Roadway Ticket
According to the statute governing this Washington ticket, it is unlawful to drive any part of a vehicle off the roadway – whether it is paved or covered in gravel. The only exceptions are if you are driving a slow moving vehicle and there are signs permitting driving on the shoulder, or if you are intending to come to a stop off the roadway or trying to get back onto the highway from a stop.
The most common scenario for obtaining a Washington wheels off roadway traffic ticket is when a vehicle is driven across a gore point when trying to merge or exit a highway. Occasionally, this WA traffic ticket is also given


to people who simply do a poor job of staying in their lane and drive one wheel occasionally onto the shoulder.
There have also been situations where a driver was ticketed for wheels off roadway after falling asleep at the wheel, or losing control of their vehicle in some other way, and ended up crashing off the side of the road. Obviously, getting a ticket under these circumstances is frustrating. Good drivers with perfect driving records get Washington traffic tickets every day. This is often why people choose to fight their ticket, instead of just paying the fine.
It makes sense too, when you consider that a Washington ticket of any kind results in fines and the risk of skyrocketing insurance premiums. However, many people make the mistake of defending themselves, and defenses such as “I fell asleep” or “I wasn’t paying attention” are never going to fly with a Judge.
This is why, if you plan on trying to beat your ticket, you should contact a Washington State traffic ticket attorney who can make sure you have a more legally-based argument to your defense. An aggressive defense is built around knowledge and experience in dealing with Washington traffic ticket law.
A Washington Traffic Ticket Lawyer Will Help You Fight Your Ticket
With decades of legal experience, our WA traffic ticket attorneys know what to look for when defending a client. Often there are procedural errors in the writing of the ticket, or issues with the way it was processed with the Courts, that can lead to a quick dismissal.
Knowing what to look for is half of the battle, and we believe every ticket can be defended. We successfully defend hundreds of tickets every year, and one of offices in Western Washington can help you protect your legal rights.
You can take control of your situation today by contacting us for a free case evaluation. We will work you on an individual basis to answer your questions, and help you decide if one of our Washington State traffic ticket lawyers is right for you. Many people are surprised that their Washington ticket can be defended, and that a one-time fee will cover the cost of every detail from start to finish.
We will file your paperwork with the Courts, and seldom is there anything more you need do. We will follow up on every aspect of your case and build an aggressive defense designed around getting your ticket dismissed or reduced. Bottom line: we will do everything legally possible to keep your infraction off of your driving record, so your insurance rates remain low.
It is important to contact one of our Washington wheels off roadway traffic ticket attorneys today, so we can get started with defending your rights. Contact us by phone, or fill out our handy online form, to set up your free case evaluation. We are aggressive trial lawyers who will defend your driving privileges and fight to have your ticket dismissed.















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