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Washington State School Zone Ticket Facts
A Washington State speeding ticket can be expensive, but if youíve been cited for speeding in a Washington school zone the fines automatically double. If a school zone speeding infraction ends up on your driving record, it is likely you will face much higher insurance premiums for years to come. You might think that there is no way to defend against a school zone ticket, but our Washington State speeding ticket attorneys successfully defend hundreds of clients just like you every year. Considering the costly nature of the penalties you face, it makes sense to utilize one of our Washington school zone ticket lawyers to help you build an aggressive defense.



In Washington State, speed limits in school zones are always 20 MPH. Recognized school zones also include roadway that extends 300 feet in any direction from a crosswalk. People are commonly ticketed for going only 5 MPH over the legal Washington school zone legal speed limit. A Washington State school zone lawyer can help legally challenge your school zone ticket so as to avoid the expensive repercussions.

How We Defend Against Washington School Zone Speeding Tickets
First and foremost, our WA school zone ticket attorneys will do everything possible to have your Washington school zone ticket dismissed. However, this is not always possible. So the next step is fighting to keep your school zone ticket off of your driving record, and keep your insurance rates low.
Building an aggressive defense against a school zone ticket requires experience with Washington traffic laws, and an understanding of the technicalities involved with every traffic stop. We commonly see people defend themselves against WA school zone tickets, and they are almost always unsuccessful.
Accidently speeding in a school zone does not constitute a defense, as the law does not have an intent requirement. Also, a Judge cannot reduce the penalty for speeding in a school zone, so an understanding of the law is vital toward establishing a sound defense.
Our Washington school zone attorneys will look at the details of your particular case. We will dissect the procedural aspects of your case to determine if any mistakes were made when your ticket was written, and if it was properly filed. Next, we will pay special attention to the calibration of any speed-measuring devices used to determine your rate of speed at the time of the incident.
When you hire one of our Washington State school zone ticket lawyer, you are hiring an experienced professional who will work as your personal advocate.

We Handle the Details, So You Donít Have To

If you have been cited with a Washington school zone speeding infraction you should call us today, as time is of the essence. The law imposes deadlines that you must meet if you are going to contest your ticket, attempt to mitigate it, or even if you are going to simply pay for the infraction. Missing the deadline will cause the court to automatically adjudicate that you are guilty of the offense, and any fines could be sent to a collection agency. Ultimately, failing to respond to your Washington school zone speeding ticket could result in a license suspension.
Utilizing one of our Washington school zone ticket lawyers will take this entire burden off of you and put it squarely on us. We will work to build an aggressive defense, and in most cases there is nothing more you need do at any time throughout the process. We file the paperwork with the court. We do the legwork. We will make sure your legal rights are being protected.
Our Washington State school zone attorneys are experienced and aggressive trial lawyers who will fight on your behalf to get your ticket dismissed.










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