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Understanding Your Washington State Improper Signaling Traffic Ticket
Washington State traffic laws are governed by various statutes. Each statute outlines the requirements that must be met by every licensed driver. Failure to do so could result in being issued a Washington traffic ticket. The statutes governing improper signaling are very similar to unsafe lane change statutes.
Statutes for Washington improper signaling state that when making a lane change or a turn, the movement must be safe and you must use a valid turn signal. This means that if you make a lane change and signal but it is not safe, then you could be ticketed under statutes RCW 46.61.305 or 46.61.140. On the other



hand, if you make a safe lane change but do not signal, then you could only be cited under 46.61.305.
Another subsection in this statute requires drivers to signal their intent to change lanes or turn for at least 100ft. This means starting to signal just as you are switching lanes does not comply with the statute. The one-blink signal when you are already straddling two lanes is insufficient and could result in a WA improper signaling traffic ticket.
Because the Improper signaling statute is so similar to the unsafe lane change statute it is always important to look carefully at what RCW statute number you were actually cited under, rather than only relying on the title of the statute written on the ticket. Sometimes Officers will switch the titles.
These facts underscore the fact that Washington State improper signaling traffic tickets are defensible in almost every case. The regulations governing how tickets are written and filed are stringent, and any mistakes made during this process could lead to an outright dismissal of your Washington ticket.
Obviously, it is important to have a Washington traffic ticket attorney looking after your interests, and protecting your legal rights. While people often decide to defend themselves against a ticket, only a legally oriented defense stands a chance of success with the Courts.
How a Washington State Traffic Ticket Lawyer Can Protect Your Interests
Retaining a WA traffic attorney to handle your improper signaling ticket makes good sense. Experience with ever-changing Washington State traffic laws is vital if you plan on beating your ticket. The costs associated with hiring an attorney can seem insignificant when compared to the fines involved with a ticket, combined with the fact that higher insurance rates are a distinct possibility. This is especially true if you have accumulated points against your license, which could ultimately lead to your license being suspended or being put on a driving probation.
With decades of legal experience serving Western Washington, our team of legal professionals are aggressive trial lawyers who enter into every case believing that it can be successfully defended. We handle hundreds of cases every year involving every sort of Washington ticket, and we will fight to have your ticket dismissed or reduced.
We offer a free case evaluation that will answer your questions, outline the options you have, and present a no-pressure summarization of the costs associated with your case. Should you choose to retain one of our Washington traffic ticket lawyers, our streamlined process will take the burden off of you. We will handle filing your paperwork accurately and on time. We will study every aspect of why you received your citation, and seek to assertively attack the State’s case against you.
By taking the guesswork out of the process, you can rest easy knowing that your rights are being protected, and that a qualified Washington State traffic ticket lawyer is fighting to beat your ticket. Contact us today for your free case evaluation. We are aggressive trial lawyers who will fight to have your Washington improper signaling ticket dismissed, and keep the infraction off of your driving record.









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