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Tacoma Traffic Lawyers Can Help You Fight Your Washington Ticket
Thereís a sinking feeling you get whenever you see those flashing lights in your rearview mirror. This is because you already realize what it means to get a Washington speeding ticket or traffic citation. You understand that you are facing a pricey fine, points against your license, and the prospect of your insurance premiums skyrocketing.
These are the harsh realities of getting a WA traffic ticket. Good drivers get Washington State traffic tickets every day. You might have a perfect driving record, but even a momentary lapse in concentration can result in a citation. It is frustrating, and often people make the decision to fight for their rights in traffic court.
This is where our Tacoma traffic ticket lawyers come into play. While many attempt to fight tickets on their own, most are not versed in Washington traffic ticket law. This usually ends up in failure, as the Courts are only interested in a defense based on those laws.


Our Washington traffic ticket attorneys understand the law, and have decades of combined experience handling Tacoma traffic tickets. We will aggressively fight to have your ticket dismissed or reduced, and will do everything legally possible to make sure your driving record remains clean.
We delve into each case with the determination that we can defend every Tacoma traffic ticket. Our Washington State traffic ticket lawyers will check for errors made when the ticket was written, and investigate court records to make sure procedural guidelines were followed according to the law. If we find mistakes, your ticket will be dismissed. If not, we fight to have your ticket reduced and mitigate the damages resulting from your Washington traffic ticket.
A Free Consultation Gets Things Started
When you choose one of our Tacoma traffic attorneys to handle your case, we do all of the required legwork so you can go about your daily life. We file your paperwork, and make sure every legal requirement is met with speed and efficiency. There is seldom anything more you need do. Our affordable one-time, flat-rate fee means you know the cost ahead of time, so there are no surprises down the line.
It all starts with a free case evaluation with one of Our Tacoma traffic lawyers. It is a no-risk way for you to find out if your ticket can be defended, and whether you want to proceed with an aggressive defense strategy. We will answer your questions and explain the Washington traffic laws that are pertinent to your case.
If youíve been charged with a more serious traffic crime, we urge you to call us without delay. Traffic crimes include DUI and driving with a suspended license, and retaining an experienced Washington traffic ticket attorney is vital if you plan on fighting to have the charges dismissed or reduced. These are far more serious than traffic infractions, and often include mandatory penalties including jail time, license suspension, and very expensive fines. Time if of the essence in these cases, as building a defense requires a thorough investigation into the details.
It all started with flashing lights in your rearview mirror, but now itís time to focus on the light at the end of the tunnel. We are experienced Tacoma traffic attorneys who will fight to have your Washington ticket dismissed or reduced.
Call us today for your free case evaluation, and make sure that a Washington State traffic ticket attorney is fighting to protect your driving record.















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