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Understanding Your Washington Ticket – Speeding in a Construction Zone

Receiving a Washington State speeding ticket is an expensive affair. However, if you are cited for speeding in a construction zone, the fines automatically double. If found guilty of the infraction, not only will you have to pay for the ticket, but it is likely your insurance rates will increase dramatically. If you’ve recently been cited with a Washington traffic ticket for speeding in a construction zone, it is in your best interests to talk to a qualified WA speeding ticket attorney, if you plan on fighting the infraction.
In the state of Washington a construction zone is anywhere on or next to a public roadway


where maintenance, construction, or repairs to the road are being done. Speed limits in these zones are usually lower than the typical rate of speed so as to protect the safety of the people working alongside the road. Laws that prohibit speeding within these zones are taken very seriously, and even if you are only travelling a couple of miles per hour over the posted limit it is possible you could receive a Washington State speeding ticket.
Sometimes a construction zone can also include an area where there is currently no actual work being done, but speeds have been reduced because it might be dangerous to travel at the normal rate of speed. This sometimes leads to confusion with drivers who, when they don’t see a construction crew, assume it is okay to travel at the regular speed limit. However, if you plan on pleading “not guilty” to the infraction, it makes sense to retain an experienced Washington State traffic lawyer.
Fines assessed for a Washington speeding ticket issued in a construction zone cannot be suspended, waived, or reduced. This underscores the importance of talking to a WA traffic attorney today, and making sure that you have someone working with you who will fight to have your ticket dismissed.
Discuss Your Options During a Free Evaluation of Your Case
Not only is it possible to fight your Washington State speeding ticket, but we believe that every case is inherently defensible. Beating any Washington ticket is never easy, but we have been doing just that for decades, all over Western Washington. We offer a free evaluation of every Washington speeding in a construction zone case, where we go over the details surrounding the infraction so we can start work on building an aggressive defense.
During our investigation of your WA speeding ticket infraction we will look into the technical aspects of the case to ascertain if your ticket was properly written and filed. Any errors made during these procedures will lead to an automatic dismissal of your case. Next we will focus on the speed-measuring device used to determine your rate of travel at the time you received your Washington State speeding ticket. Any issues with the device will also lead to a dismissal.
Obviously, fighting a ticket requires honest legwork and the knowledge of where to look for solutions. Our Washington traffic ticket lawyers are poised to help you aggressively defend against your traffic ticket.
Call today for your free case evaluation and talk to a Washington speeding ticket attorney who will fight to have your ticket dismissed. We successfully defend hundreds of clients every year.









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