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Have you been pulled over for a traffic ticket in Kitsap County? If so, itís time to speak with a Kitsap county ticket lawyer today!

Are you frustrated that you received a Kitsap county traffic ticket? Iím sure you are! After all, you were probably on your way to work or on your way home after a long hard day at work. And, now to add insult to injury you are facing a Kitsap county traffic infraction for no reason at all. Well, we are here to tell you, not to worry! And, donít do anything with your ticket until you speak with a Kitsap county traffic attorney.

Most traffic infractions issued in Kitsap County are handled by the Kitsap County district court. If you received a ticket in Kitsap County, you have 15 days to respond to the options given on the ticket.
The options most likely are:

Pay the Fine. Paying the fine simply means that you agree with the charge being placed against you.


Mitigate. You agree with the fine, however, you want the charge to be reduced to a lesser charge.
Contest. You have the right to appear in court and defend your rights and plead your innocence.
Discover Why You Should Hire a Kitsap County ticket Lawyer to Beat Your Traffic Infraction
If you know youíre not guilty, requesting a contest hearing is advised. However, taking time away from work and family to go to court for a minor traffic infraction is pointless. Thatís where we come in. We are Kitsap county ticket lawyers who are intimately familiar with the Kitsap county court system and Washington state laws. Thatís why we go to court for you, so you donít miss time away from work and your family.
Whether you received a speeding ticket, lane change ticket, or any other type of ticket in Kitsap County, our Kitsap county ticket attorneys have you covered.
Hereís what you can expect from our dedicated team of lawyers:

ē We will fight to protect your driving record
ē We will aggressively exercise your legal rights
ē We will give your case the personal attention it deserves
ē We will go to court for you
When you choose to hire our Kitsap County Ticket Lawyers You Can Rest assured they will aggressively fight for you!
Even though we donít win every Kitsap county ticket case, we take pride in letting you know we have a high success rate. Thatís why we are confident that we will do everything we can to:
ē Keep your Driving Record Clean
ē Reduce Your Charges to a Non Moving Violation
ē Dismiss Your Case
ē Keep Your Insurance Rates Low
Allow our Kitsap County Ticket Attorneys to Help You Fight Your Traffic Infraction. Schedule a Free Consultation today!
Discover why many Kitsap County residents choose our Ticket lawyers to represent their case. Call us at 360-350-4626 and schedule a FREE consultation today. We have a dedicated team of Kitsap county ticket lawyers who are ready, willing and able to fight your case. Donít Delay! Call us today! Or fill out our web site contact form, and someone will get back in contact with you ASAP!
















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