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Lakewood Traffic Lawyers Can Help You Fight Your Washington Ticket
If you’re reading this then you are obviously thinking about fighting a Washington speeding ticket, or some other kind of traffic ticket. Perhaps you feel like the ticket wasn’t warranted, the Officer made a mistake, or maybe you already have points on your driving record and are at risk of having your license suspended. Either way, a WA traffic ticket is a costly affair. You will not only have to pay for the fine associated with the ticket, but your insurance rates are likely to up for at least a few years.
Obviously, there are many good reasons to fight a Washington State traffic ticket. Our Lakewood traffic attorneys successfully resolve hundreds of cases every year, and if you’re thinking of fighting your ticket, we can help you.

With decades of combined legal experience, we know how to build an aggressive defense based on Washington State traffic ticket laws. The Court will only acknowledge a legally based


defense, and for this reason most people who defend themselves are almost always unsuccessful. Our Washington traffic ticket lawyers look at the facts involved in every case, including how the ticket was written and if paperwork was filed with the Court according to State guidelines. Any mistakes made during this process will lead to your case being dismissed outright.
Ultimately, the goal of every Washington ticket case we handle is to have the ticket dismissed or reduced, and keep points from being assessed on your driving record. This will keep your insurance rates low, and if you already have points on your record it will help you keep your driving privileges. Our Lakewood traffic lawyers will work to build an aggressive defense when they handle your case, acting as your personal representative and an advocate for your character.
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Every WA traffic ticket case is unique. Circumstances on Washington’s roads and highways are never predictable, and sometimes a moment of confusion or indecision can lead to being issued a ticket. While some tickets are definitely warranted, at other times the citation is up to the discretion and opinion of the citing Officer. With so many variables at work, you probably have some questions about your own ticket you would like answered before you decide if you want to fight it.
Our Washington State traffic ticket lawyers offer a free case evaluation where your questions will be answered and your options will be brought to light. If you choose to retain one of our Lakewood traffic lawyers we start work on your case right away, and handle everything from start to finish. There is no need for you to miss work or deal with the frustration of going to the Courthouse. Our flat-rate fee makes it surprisingly easy to have a qualified Washington traffic ticket lawyer fighting for your rights.
If you have been charged with a more serious traffic crime then you shouldn’t waste any time contacting our Lakewood Office. Traffic crimes include DUI, driving with a suspended license, hit and run, and a host of other charges. They carry mandatory penalties that include expensive fines, having your license suspended, and even jail time. This will undoubtedly have a far-reaching impact on your life, your family, and your job, so it’s important to make sure your rights are being defended. In traffic crime cases we aggressively fight to keep you out of jail and have your charged reduced.
Contact us today so you can make an informed opinion about your future. Our Lakewood traffic lawyers are ready to help you fight your Washington traffic ticket, and will do everything legally possible to have your ticket dismissed and keep points off of your driving record.















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