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A Lewis County Traffic Ticket Lawyer Can Help You Fight Your Ticket

Years of having a perfect driving record can be wiped out in a moment due to a simple lack of concentration. Those red and blue flashing lights urging you to pull over to the side of the road represent years of higher insurance premiums, which might seem unfair if you’ve always been one of the few “safe drivers.” Sometimes, a Lewis County speeding ticket or traffic violation is written at the discretions of the citing officer, and could leaving you wondering if you were treated fairly.

Whatever the circumstances around your Washington State traffic ticket, it makes sense to protect your rights, and do everything you can to protect your driving record. If you haven’t always been a safe driver, and have been issued other tickets in the past, you could be facing a license suspension and be legally required to possess high risk (SR-22) auto insurance. Even if it’s your first Lewis County speeding ticket you will likely be facing an expensive fine and the prospect of your insurance rates going through the roof.


If you plan on fighting your WA traffic ticket, representing yourself in court is most likely a bad idea. This is because traffic court judges are only interested in the law and not your side of the story – even if you are in the right. Our Lewis County traffic ticket attorneys will make sure your side of the story gets told, and protect your legal interests with the court.

We will look for issues with the case that could lead to a dismissal, such as whether the ticket was filled out properly and if the necessary paperwork was filed with the Washington Court. We will check speed measuring devices, if need be, and do any other legwork necessary to make sure every avenue of your defense is explored. This aggressive defense posture allows our Washington State traffic ticket attorneys to successfully resolve HUNDREDS of cases every year.

Start Getting Answers with a Free Consultation

If you’re planning on fighting a Lewis County speeding ticket, or other variety of traffic infraction, you can contact our office today for a free case evaluation. Feel free to ask questions without worry that you will be pressured into making any final decision regarding your traffic ticket. It’s important that you not waste time when addressing your ticket, because there are deadlines that you must meet or risk facing more severe penalties, often including a suspended license.

This is especially true if you’ve been charged with a more serious traffic crime, such as a DUI, Minor DUI, and Reckless or Negligent Driving. These serious offenses carry mandatory sentences with a conviction that often include jail time, so acting fast ensures that you are being proactive in keeping yourself out of jail and legally licensed to drive.

After you take advantage of our free consultation, you can then make a decision about how you would like to handle your ticket. Our Lewis County traffic ticket attorneys will do everything legally allowed to have your ticket dismissed or reduced, and keep points off of your driving record. For traffic ticket cases we charge a one-time flat-rate fee, and handle every aspect of the case so that you can go about your life knowing that it is being handled by a professional. Seldom is there anything more you need to do.

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