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Get Help Fighting Your Washington Ticket from a Skagit County Lawyer
Just because youíve received a Washington state speeding ticket or other type of traffic infraction doesnít mean you have to simply pay the fine and deal with the adverse consequences. Any WA traffic ticket can result in costly fines, points on your driving record, and the possibility of your insurance premiums going through the roof. The fact is, you can defend your rights, and our Skagit County traffic attorneys work under the belief that every traffic ticket can be defended.
Our Washington traffic lawyers successfully resolve hundreds of cases every year all over Western Washington. Our decades of combined experience have taught us that there are numerous ways a Washington State traffic ticket can be beaten.
Take, for instance, the fact that a citing Officer must fill out a ticket according to State mandated guidelines, and must enter the correct citation in the correct place. If the Officer fails to do so, we can have the ticket


dismissed immediately. If the paperwork is not filed correctly with the Court, then this too constitutes a technical mistake that will result in your ticket being dismissed.
In other cases, our Skagit County traffic lawyers look for other potential issues that would result in your ticket being reduced, keeping your driving record clean. This will prevent your insurance from going up, and is a very favorable result for someone who already has points against their license.
These are the ways we build an aggressive defense while working within the parameters of Washington State traffic law. While some people try to argue their own case in court, without an understanding of these laws their defense will most likely fail.
You CAN fight your traffic ticket, and a Washington traffic attorney from our office can help.

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If you are considering contesting your ticket then you probably have some questions you would like to have answered. Our Skagit County traffic attorneys will answer your questions so that you can make an informed choice. Knowledge is power, and in this case that knowledge costs you nothing as we offer a free case evaluation for anyone who wants to put up a fight.
If you choose to be represented by one of our Washington State traffic lawyers we handle the case for you, from start to finish. We will work to build an aggressive defense on your behalf and do our best to have your ticket dismissed. You donít have to worry about missing work or fighting more traffic to get to the Skagit County courthouse. Our streamlined process means you will seldom need to do another thing.
In cases involving traffic crimes it is vital that you speak to a qualified Washington traffic attorney as soon as possible. These crimes include mandatory punishment, such as fines and jail time. In these cases we work with you on an individual basis to ascertain the specifics of your traffic crime, whether it be DUI, hit and run, or driving on a suspended license. Then we work to put a barrier between you and the State and fight to keep you out of jail and have the charges reduced.
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